Innovative Technology

AGNES RF Treatments in Hawaii

After a Few Short Treatments, You’ll See a Noticeable Difference


A recent development, AGNES RF is a safe and non-surgical way to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, jawline, earlobes, and more. AGNES RF is also effective as a permanent solution to acne, which is why it is used across the world by cosmetic doctors and dermatologists.

How Does It Work?

Through micro-insulated needles, AGNES RF distributes radiofrequency into the skin. The variety of needles and various power settings give us the ability to precisely control the procedure to best help your unique skin. The procedure is precise enough to generate a tissue response without causing any damage.

Why Choose AGNES RF?

AGNES RF is a fast and effective procedure. Most treatments last about 60 minutes, and most patients only need a few treatments to get the desired results. Call About Face Kailua and get excellent results without taking much time out of your schedule.

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