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Reduce Deep or Shallow Wrinkles in Hawaii

We Offer a More Natural Solution to Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fight Signs of Aging

As you age, your skin produces less and less collagen. Collagen holds the body together, so without it, you’ll begin to develop fine lines, which eventually become wrinkles. No matter where you’re at in the aging process, laser technology can help you fight back and regain your youthful appearance.

Choose a More Natural Solution

Botox and other injections can help you temporarily eliminate wrinkles and lines, but no other treatment is as effective as laser skin resurfacing. Laser treatments encourage the body to create collagen. The results generally take longer to develop, but you are left with more natural and beautiful results.

Use State-Of-The-Art Technology

At About Face Kailua, we use the most modern technology and techniques to give you the most effective solution for your skin. Our top-of-the-line lasers are sure to provide the results you want with fewer negative side effects and risks, and they give us the ability to customize your treatment to your unique skin.

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