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Efficient Laser Hair Removal in Hawaii

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Why Get Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing and time consuming to maintain. With laser hair removal, you can leave all of that behind. It uses high-energy light to heat and safely damage hair follicles. This makes them permanently unable to grow or unable to grow in as well as they did before. Results are not guaranteed, though, because everyone’s body reacts differently to the laser.

What Do We Use?

At About Face Kailua, we use Vectus technology. Vectus targets larger spots than other methods so that we can remove hair from larger areas of your body in less time. It works almost anywhere you need it to, including in the bikini area, on the back\, and on legs. The only thing you’ll need to do is to wear specialty eyewear that is specifically designed to protect your eyes during treatment.

What Sets Ours Apart

Another aspect that sets Vectus apart is its Skintel Melanin Reader technology. It will access your skin type to suggest what parameters we should set the equipment to. This allows us to treat a wider range of skin types and tones so that virtually everyone can benefit from laser hair removal. Schedule a consultation for more information or to prep for a laser hair removal treatment.

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