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PicoSure Dark Spot Removal in Hawaii

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Have you started to notice unwanted pigment, whether it be from the sun or from the natural aging process? You don’t have to live with those unwanted dark spots anymore! With the Icon and PicoSure lasers, you can now reverse the signs of sun damage from your complexion and start seeing a more revitalized appearance.

How Does Laser Sun Spot Removal Work?

Both the Icon and PicoSure dark spot removal treatments use laser light pulses to reach deep below the surface of the skin to remove hyperpigmentation without harming the surrounding skin. The energy from the laser breaks sun spots up into smaller particles that can then be naturally eliminated through the body’s immune system. Hyperpigmentation on the face, neck, chest, arms, hands and legs will begin to fade following brown spot removal treatment, so you can show off your skin again. While both of these lasers work on most skin types, the PicoSure uses advanced picosecond technology to remove pigmentation from darker skin tones as well as lighter ones.

What to expect During Sun Spot Reduction

Multiple treatments may be needed for best results, depending upon the size and darkness of your brown spots. Laser dark spot removal with the Icon or PicoSure can cause slight discomfort in some patients, but a cooling cream can be applied prior to treatment if necessary to help alleviate any pain. Sun spot reduction treatments have few side effects, which usually include some redness and minor swelling that can last for a few hours. Most patients are able to return to their regular activities following this procedure without any downtime.

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