Get a Natural Facial Upgrade

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Get a Natural Improvement for Your Face, Without Going Under the Knife

Speed and Comfort

Our Scarlett service is a quick process so you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible. This process takes just under an hour. Whether your areas of concern are your face, body, hands, or legs, About Face Kailua can handle the task quickly and comfortably.

Take Years Off Your Face

If you are looking for a more natural remedy to get a facelift, look no further. Scarlett is a type of radio frequency microneedling service, aimed at making your face or body appear younger, all without going under the knife. Give a member of our staff a call today to learn more.

Minimal Side Effects

While some services may take some time away from your normal life, Scarlett won’t. You will experience few if any side effects with this procedure, making it great for those who are looking to get back to their routine as quickly as possible. People will be amazed at how well you look!


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