No matter how hard you try to shed pounds and tone your body, there are some pockets of stubborn fat that simply won’t budge. Dale Bartolome, MD and the team of weight loss experts at About Face Hawaii in Kailua, Hawaii, offers WarmSculp (SculpSure)® to help you define your figure and target problem areas that haven’t responded to traditional weight loss efforts. Call or book an appointment online today to learn more about WarmSculp (SculpSure).

Body Contouring Q & A

What is WarmSculp (SculpSure)?
WarmSculp (SculpSure) Body Contouring is a non-invasive laser procedure that uses targeted laser energy to destroy fat cells in the body without causing damage to the skin. The laser dramatically raises the temperature of your body’s fat cells to the point that those cells are permanently damaged.

Over the next three months or so, your body’s lymphatic system will naturally process and eliminate its damaged fat cells, decreasing fat cells by as much as 24 percent in the treated area.

Because your fat cells are structurally damaged and ultimately eliminated, they cannot regenerate in your body.

Am I a good candidate for WarmSculp (SculpSure)?
If you’re considering using WarmSculp (SculpSure) as a fat loss solution, talk to the experts at About Face Hawaii to determine whether you’re a good candidate.

The best areas to target with the WarmSculp (SculpSure) laser are the:

  • Upper abdomen
  • Lower abdomen
  • Double chin
  • Thighs
  • Love handles (flanks)
  • Bra roll (back)

Before scheduling an appointment, it’s important to note that the laser is intended specifically for those with problem areas, not as a weight loss solution. If you are relatively fit, with a BMI of 30 or under, you are the ideal candidate for WarmSculp (SculpSure).

What can I expect from a WarmSculp (SculpSure) session?
Because one session of WarmSculp (SculpSure) only takes about 25 minutes, it’s perfect for a lunch break appointment.

When the treatment first begins, you’ll feel noticeable coolness around your targeted area, as it’s important to keep the skin comfortable throughout the session. The cooling sensation will stay on intermittently as Dr. Bartolome raises the temperature of the laser to destroy fat cells.

Most patients report feeling a warm tingling sensation in the targeted area, but it shouldn’t be unbearable or painful. Some patients may also feel a slight pinching effect.

There is absolutely no downtime with WarmSculp (SculpSure), so you can return to work or your normal daily activities immediately after your appointment.

Over the next six weeks, you should begin to notice fat reduction around your targeted area, but it takes around three months to fully see results.

While WarmSculp (SculpSure) completely eliminates fat cells that cannot regenerate, it’s important to maintain your results by following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.

For more information on WarmSculp (SculpSure) and its fat loss benefits, call About Face Hawaii today or book an appointment online.

Chin Contouring

If you’ve been dealing with submental fat, otherwise known as double chin, there’s a new and non-invasive treatment that can help. WarmSculp (SculpSure)’s gentle laser technology reduces the appearance of double chins without the need for surgery. Laser neck fat reduction is ideal for those who have excess fat around the neck and jawline that has become resistant to diet and exercise alone.


WarmSculp (SculpSure) double chin treatment uses light-based laser energy to melt away stubborn neck fat. This laser treatment raises the temperature of fat cells while keeping the surface of the skin cool, so the surrounding skin isn’t damaged. Treated fat cells are removed through your body’s natural processes in the weeks following treatment. Laser double chin treatment is safe for most skin types and has the ability to treat patients with a higher BMI compared to other options to remove submental fat.



Each WarmSculp (SculpSure) neck contouring treatment to reduce the appearance of double chin lasts less than 30 minutes. While patient experience may vary, at least two sessions spaced six weeks apart typically give the best possible results. Side effects may include stinging and burning during the procedure and some bruising while healing, although laser treatment to reduce double chin isn’t considered to be painful. Many people begin to see results six weeks after laser treatment, although it may take up to 12 weeks to see optimal results. Since this is a non-invasive treatment, you can resume your normal activities immediately following, no downtime necessary.

Call today to learn more about contouring your neck with WarmSculp (SculpSure) laser treatments!